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Lose Belly Fat with a Sip of This Ingrediant

Lose Belly Fat with a Sip of This Ingrediant

When aspiring to lose weight, there are a few things you can do to insure weight loss and even speed up the process. Of course you always need to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise, but there are extra measures you can take.

There are special tricks and tips I pick up from other trainers, nutritionists and health coaches. And every single helpful piece of advice I get from them, I come share it with you.

This is no exception.

While I was talking to a friend, a well known health coach, we were discussing new and upcoming trends that the health and fitness industry was going through. During the conversation, I told her that I noticed wheat germ getting more and more popular in family’s homes across the country (an ingredient I always recommend).

She said she loved wheat germ, not only for it’s health benefits, but also because it helps with weight loss. She explains that she tells her clients to use wheat germ when they want to lose belly fat. What I heard blew my mind.

I’ve always known of the basic health benefits of wheat germ. It’s one of the best ways to get a good amount of vitamin E, along with other vitamins and minerals.

Health Benefits of Wheat Germ

  • Helps lower high cholesterol
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Can help with weight loss
  • Helps the body fight cancers
  • Prevents constipation
  • Helps fight Rheumatoid Arthritis

The health benefits of wheat germ can improve anyone’s digestive and immune system, but what’s interesting to me is that my friend says wheat germ can actually fight stomach fat to those trying to lose weight.

Here’s How it Works:

Add two tbsp. of wheat germ to a four oz. cup of water, stir it all together and start drinking. Yup, that’s all there is to it. If you’re wondering whether wheat germ tastes bad, it doesn’t. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have much flavor at all. The texture is what I’ve learned some people have to get used to, but after the second or third time, you don’t even notice it.

You need to drink this mixture three times a day to see results. I drink it about 30 minutes after I eat a meal. Wheat germ also helps me feel full and not eat as much during lunch or dinner time.

You may think this is crazy, but it works. I know it works because I’ve been doing it for a month and I’ve lost inches in my stomach. My nutritionist friend and I decided to see how other people like it as well, so we told three men and four woman try it. Four weeks later, every single one of them could see they’ve lost weight in their stomachs.

Obviously, this goes along side of a healthy diet and exercise. But hey, who wouldn’t want the extra jump start to losing weight?

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Written by Ingrid Macher

Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Motivator

I have a passion for helping people change their lives. I started out helping my friends and now I give advice and tips to perfect strangers who have now become my friends. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change my life even if I could. This kind of happy is truly a gift and I’ll do whatever it takes to be able to give this gift to others.

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