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    3 “Health” Foods That Are Secretly Killing Your Metabolism (Maybe You Had #2 This Morning!)

    It’s easy to feel defeated when you have been so committed to losing weight and yet not see the results. Laboring for months, preparing food, working out, and dieting can take a toll on one’s psyche. And when the desired outcome is not there, it’s easy to literally just thrown in the towel.

    Unknown to many, there are in fact a lot of food items that are secret and silent weight loss saboteurs. These food items are even worse because they are labelled as the good stuff, often coming with words such as ‘natural’, ‘low fat’, and even ‘healthy’. To really win the battle of the bulge, there is a need to eradicate these food items once and for all.

    Metabolism-Killing Foods

    Here is the list of the worse metabolism-killing foods to take note of:


    1. Canola oil and other vegetable oils.

    Love cooking with canola? That may be the main reason you are not just losing weight, but also getting sick. Majority of the contents of a bottle of canola oil are made from genetically modified organisms, making them the creation of repeated exposure to the most toxic chemicals in farming. The heavy processing of canola oils makes its safety questionable.

    Cooking with canola and other vegetable oils puts your body in inflammation mode, making it the worst thing to do for your health. Science Daily cites an analysis published in Canadian Medical Association Journal, which suggests that “some vegetable oils that claim to be healthy may actually increase the risk of heart disease.” Instead, go for other oils such as olive oil or coconut oil, which has proven itself in several studies as anti-bacterial and anti-viral, placing your health at the forefront aside from helping you lose weight.

    1. Protein bars or granola bars

    These bars are a perceived godsend to dieters due to their convenience and fruit and nut content. But in reality, these bars are just as bad as eating a bar of chocolate. It contains high fructose sugar syrup and can really make your blood sugar shoot up, especially if you are working out. What it does is it fools your body into thinking you are already full, but in reality you just ate empty calories, like you would chips, candy, and pizza.

    If you’re trying to lose weight, find healthy substitutions to unhealthy food. Get more tips by downloading my 5-Day Diet ebook for free.

    The best way to get instant energy is to stock up on complex carbohydrates which you can easily carry with you such as sweet potato or quinoa. Complex carbs help you throughout the day by regulating your blood sugar and pressure, which then helps you last longer throughout the day.

    Small Square Bite Size Healthy Protein Bar
    1. Fruit juices

    Fruit juices are the worst among all diet saboteurs as these trick you into thinking you are doing yourself good since they’re made of fruit. The truth is, fruit is no longer what it used to be in bottled juice form. There is no more fiber, plus there are often loads of artificial sweeteners and flavoring.

    If you really want to lose the pounds, load up on water. Drinking at least two liters a day revs up your system and detoxes you so well in ways you never know is possible. If you can’t drink water straight up, adding in some mint or lemon makes the whole process of hydrating more exciting.

    You can also prepare your own fat-burning juice recipes, if you crave for flavor but want something that’s truly nourishing and healthy.

    Take note of these three and find the pounds melt away!

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    3 Incredibly Easy Ways to Set Your Metabolism on Fire

    So you’ve been exercising and eating less, but you’re still overweight. You think there’s one thing to blame: slow metabolism. 

    What’s Metabolism?

    Metabolism, as Medical News Today defines, “refers to biochemical processes that occur within any living organism—including humans—to maintain life.” In simple terms, it is the rate at which your body consumes energy or burns calories, Harvard Health Publications explains.

    So What Does it Have to Do With Your Weight?

    First things first–in most cases, you gain weight when you take in more calories than what you can actually burn off.

    But metabolism also plays a role in burning calories. Even while at rest, your metabolic rate influences the amount of energy being used to keep your body processes functioning perfectly. You get your energy from food and drink, and if your body fails to use the energy from these two things, it gets stored as fat.

    How to Speed Up Your Metabolism

    Your metabolic rate is influenced by genetic factors, age (metabolism slows down with age as your muscle mass decreases), and sex (men born more calories because they have more muscle mass), and body size. Here are three easy ways to make your metabolism work so well, you would be a fat-fighting machine:

    1. Hit the sheets.

    One of the best ways to fire up your metabolism is by hitting the sheets. But not all sleep is created equal. For it to work, it has to be quality kind of sleep, the kind that fits one’s needs based on the person’s age, weight, and overall lifestyle needs. National Sleep Foundation has a great guide as to the number of hours that people need to be able to get the kind of sleep they need. For both adults (aged 24 to 64) and young adults (aged 18 to 25) seven to nine hours of sleep is needed for optimum performance in terms of productivity and good health.

    To achieve this, the room should be pitch dark and items such as ear plugs and blackout curtains are recommended to prevent being disturbed overnight. Learning as well to decompress after a day’s work lessens a person’s cortisol level and helps in regulating one’s mood and stress levels.

    1. Eat well and drink water often.

    Eating is one of the things most people who want to lose weight avoid like the plague. Little do they know that skipping meals is actually the main reason their metabolism slows down, which also slows down their weight loss journey. Check out the best times to eat to accelerate to accelerate weight loss.

    Eat every 3 hours. Five to six meals a day with lots of fruits, vegetables, and nuts boost your metabolism. Having small meals spread out throughout the day is the kind of strategy that even career athletes do to make sure that their energy levels are at the right place for all day trainings and for competitions. If these professionals trust this style, why shouldn’t you?

    “Regular grazers had healthier diets than those eating the traditional three square meals a day approach,” says Dr. Sandra Drummond from Queen Margaret’s University College in Edinburgh in a Mail Online article. “They ate less fat, more carbohydrates and more fruit and vegetables. Other studies have found grazers to have higher levels of vitamin C and other nutrients – they also tend to have lower levels of body fat.”

    Also, don’t forget your water. This zero-calorie beverage also helps zap cravings and hunger pangs. If you want flavored beverage, try these fat-burning juice recipes.

    1. Keep moving, literally.

    You don’t need to go to the gym just to keep moving. Walk during your coffee break or after meals. Clean your home daily. Leave your car at home and do your errands on foot. Play in the park. At work, do some deskercises. Or, you can sneak in these 8-minute easy exercises into your day.

    Add discipline to sleeping well, eating healthy, and staying physically active, and you will find yourself the kind of metabolism that can rival any Olympian. Get to it!

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    You WON’T Believe What Skipping Meals Does to Your Body

    The decision to lose weight to look good and feel good for life is one of the best decisions a person can make. Keeping a healthy weight gives a plethora of long-term benefits, ranging from the simple (the dress finally fits!) to the life-changing (lower cholesterol, normal sugar levels, etc.). However, because of life’s many demands every day, most people go for what’s easy and fast—like skipping meals.

    But skipping meals won’t help you lose weight. In fact, it can make you gain more pounds. What’s more, skipping meals has also been linked to abdominal weight gain. A study published on the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry has also linked it to increased risk for insulin resistance. Continue reading

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    One Seemingly Harmless Habit That You Need to Quit for Good

    You see them in convenience stores, in candy stores or groceries. You often use them to perhaps reduce tension, improve oral health, and ward off cravings or fight off sleepiness. Have you guessed what it is?

    It’s your regular chewing gum. It comes in different variants and flavors, from minty to fruity sweet to the sugar-free kind.

    Chewing gum may seem like an innocent, harmless habit. But it becomes problematic when people use it for weight loss. Because contrary to popular belief, chewing gum may actually contribute to weight gain. Chewing gum is not a healthy appetite suppressant. Continue reading

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    Not Losing Belly Fat? You May Be Guilty of These Reasons (Especially #3!)

    You’ve been working out like crazy and you’ve definitely dropped some pounds. You were also able to tone your arms and legs. You even went a couple of sizes smaller. But you’d rather not tuck in your shirt Why? Because your belly is still bulging.  You feel as if no exercise is going to help you lose inches of your waist. Get the 3 WEIRD Tricks for a Flat Belly.


    Why It’s Important to Lose Belly Fat

    Getting rid of your belly fat is not just about getting sexier. Most importantly, losing those love handles also means lowering your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health conditions.  Increasing stomach fat has been associated with worsening heart disease risk factors, according to a Science Daily article. Medical News Today also confirms that excess belly fat is linked to type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.


    Why Your Belly Fat Just Won’t Budge

    Maybe you’ve done all sorts of abdominal exercises and followed diet regimens that worked for your weight, but not for your tummy. Here are the reasons why you may not be achieving that 6-pack you have been gearing up for & the ways you can correct them:


    1. You really are not eating properly.


    Although the gym can be the best place to be for exercise, know that abs are made more in the kitchen. What you eat packs more punch that the weights you carry. Eating well is the secret to your success.

    Ditch refined and processed carbohydrates from your diet, such as white rice or white bread. Good sources of good carbs are barley, oatmeal, and quinoa. Switching to natural sweeteners such as stevia, raw honey, and coconut nectar is also ideal. Instead of your sweetened drinks, go for green tea, water with lemon, and coconut water for hydration.

    Loading up on the leanest of proteins is perfect to build that 6-pack and tone you up overall. Fill up your grocery cart with turkey, chicken breast, some complex carbohydrates through quinoa and brown rice, as well as some fresh produce. Remember, the more colorful your plate is, the faster you get to the 6-pack situation.

    Also, avoid skipping meals. Medical News Today cites a study suggesting that skipping meals disrupts metabolism, leading to extra fat in your belly plus diabetes.

    1. You are not getting enough shut-eye.


    You want to know what is in fact worse than skipping meals? Yes, not getting enough sleep every day. Although the fast-paced life of most people is often materially rewarded, the ones who consume their lives not minding the number of hours they spend in bed is doomed to fail in the abs and health department.

    A study conducted by researches from the University of Chicago Medical Center suggest that long-term sleep debt mimics and even speeds up the beginning of age-related ailments like hypertension and obesity.

    The lesser you sleep, the fatter you will become as sleep plays a very big role in keeping blood sugar in check and regulated. Ample rest also makes your body recover and prevents it into going into starvation mode, which can make your belly store more fat.


    1. You do not take the time to relax.

    Rest is one thing, but relaxation is another. Do you burn the candle on both ends every day? Stop doing it if you want some abs. Not only does stress and anxiety trigger emotional eating, according to Dr. Melanie Greenberg of Psychology Today, but it also makes you prone to getting more layers of belly fat.

    Our bodies tend to store fat when we’re stressed. Unfortunately, the belly contains a lot of receptors for the chemical cortisol, which our body releases when in fight or flight mode.

    Go for exercises as well that focus on breathing such as yoga and learn to take the time to do the art of the pause – meditate, write on your journal, do some crafts, paint – whatever it is, make the time to ease your mind off stress and start feeling those abs as you do.

    Losing the stubborn belly fat is really simple, though not always easy. The formula is very much the same for maintaining optimal health—eat right, exercise, sleep well, and manage stress. Want to start losing that belly fat for good? Here are 8 unusual tips to lose belly fat that you probably haven’t heard of before.

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    Top 7 Everyday Items to Remove From Your Diet NOW

    Choosing to be healthy is always a good decision and to make it work, the decision should always start with the gut. As Hippocrates famously said, “All disease begins in the gut.” A healthy gut is now a key ingredient in keeping a healthy and full functioning brain, one that is more positive, more efficient, and definitely more sustained in the years to come, fending off more progressive dreaded brain illnesses such as dementia, brain cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

    The fight for healthier body then is waged not in the gym, but in the kitchen. The secret to having a better gut today is to remove common items in your menu that can cause long-term negative effects on your body and wreak havoc to your own gut.

    Foods to Remove From Your Daily Diet

    Here is a list of what you should banish forever from your pantry (and your life!) and be on the path to total and holistic wellness for life:


    1. Ketchup

    This popular condiment is notorious for packing on empty calories. Just a teaspoon can contain as much as 40 calories. Imagine how much you’re consuming when you put it on everything during a meal? It is also made with high fructose corn syrup (read: the main culprit for diabetes and obesity!).

    What to do instead: If flavor is what you are looking for, go for Himalayan pink salt to season your food or create your own guacamole dip to ease yourself off ketchup.


    1. Cream-based canned soup.

    Although getting a cream-based soup out of a can is convenient, these pack empty calories and do nothing for your health as they contain a lot of sodium, food dyes, and corn syrup—the perfect recipe for kidney damage.

    BBC also reports that the lining of the tin can may also pose a chemical risk as Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used to coat the can, may leak into the soup. BPA is common found in plastics and has been linked to reproductive disorders, heart disease, asthma, and type 2 diabetes.

    What to do instead: If you are feeling hungry, go for a homemade sandwich with the freshest ingredients such as cucumbers, avocado, drizzled with some balsamic vinegar and chia seeds for some crunch. It fills you up longer, it doesn’t make you bloat, and it has more flavors and textures, making lunch or dinner a more enjoyable activity.

    If you’re craving for creamy soup, I recommend preparing your own creamy chicken and vegetable soup or squash soup. Zucchini and mushroom also make a great combination for cream-based soups.


    1. Store-bought fruit juice and smoothies

    Store bought fruit juice and smoothies contain a lot of sugar, artificial colors and flavoring, and high fructose corn syrup.

    What to do instead: Juice 100% fresh fruits and veggies. They taste great, plus they help you maintain a healthy weight. Get my delicious, fat-burning juicing recipes for FREE here.


    1. Granola or energy bars

    These energy bars are much like fruit juices and smoothies; they’re empty calories that only do more harm than good. Although advertised as “natural” or “healthy”, they pack in so much sugar no thanks to the coating of corn syrup to bind them together. It also contains a lot of preservatives to make them last for months or years.

    What to do instead: Have your own snack bag of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, organic dried prunes, and even dark chocolate. Pumpkin seeds, in particular, are great for weight loss.


    1. Diet soda and artificial sweeteners

    If you are on the run in the morning, diet soda as your source of caffeine is bad as you are setting yourself up for failure. Before I lost 55 lbs., I was consuming one or two diet sodas and orange juice per day. These were making me fat and tired. You will boost your sugar levels and make your liver and kidneys work overtime to get it out of your system. Using synthetic sweeteners found in diet soda such as aspartame, sucrose, or saccharin has been linked to possible health concerns, including cancer. Saccharin in particular, has been found to cause bladder cancer in lab rats.

    Another bad effect of consuming artificial sweeteners is they make nutritious foods like fruit and vegetables unpalatable, since your taste buds have already been accustomed to intensely sweet foods, explains a Harvard Health Publications article. It also makes you crave for more sweets.

    What to do instead: Drink energy-boosting and fat-burning oolong tea or have some hydrating coconut water. Opt for raw honey to sweeten your drinks and food. If you’re craving for sweets, have some sweet fruits like mangoes, grapes, and melons in moderation after breakfast or lunch.


    1. Popcorn

    Popcorns may seem like a healthier alternative to chips and candies, but they can actually be worse than these two. Popcorns, especially the microwavable kind, are loaded with sodium, artificial flavoring and saturated fat. A bag of movie theater popcorn can contain as much as 1,200 calories and the saturated fat can be as much as what you should be consuming in 3 days.

    What to do instead: A better alternative to popcorns is your own trailmix of unsalted dried fruit and seeds. Cauliflower popcorns are good, too.


    1. Sugary cereals and cookies.

    Sugary cereals and cookies both have excessive levels of sugar, refined carbohydrates, saturated fat, and zero nutrients. Some may even contain trans fats, the type of fat that increases your bad cholesterol levels.

    What to do instead: Make your own delicious granola using whole grains like quinoa or oats. You may also add in dried fruit. Another filling breakfast that’s quick to make are grilled veggie sandwiches with balsamic vinegar or pesto sauce.

    With a conscientious effort to keep your gut health in top shape, removing these items is easy and the health rewards are immense. Toss these out of your kitchen and you’ll be on your way to good health.

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    Not Losing Weight? This Hidden Medical Condition May Be the Culprit

    If you have been trying to lose weight for years with exercise and diet, but the scales are not budging, you may be suffering from metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome refers to a set of risk factors and metabolic disorders that raise one’s risk for serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease, as explained by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. Continue reading

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    The One Disease You Must Know About Directly Related To Your Diet

    When most people hear the word ‘fatty liver disease’, they immediately associate this with a high intake of alcohol. They believe that the only people who are at risk are those who are downing alcoholic drink after alcoholic drink. But, could you be at risk even if you aren’t drinking alcohol?

    Too often, this is the case….

    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) occurs when you have a high accumulation of fats in your liver (to the tune of more than 5-10% of your liver’s weight), despite not taking any alcohol in. Sadly, this condition is impacting up to 25% of Americans right now. Symptoms may be non-existent or  you may be noticing that you are experiencing fatigue, jaundice, and swelling in the legs or abdomen depending on how severe of a case it is. Continue reading

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    How One Thing Turns A Healthy Diet Bad In Seconds

    Let me start off by telling you a story. A short while ago, I had a client come to me who was struggling to see results from her nutrition plan. She was doing everything she ‘should’ be doing. Tracking her calories, eating foods that were in their natural state, and exercising nearly every day of the week. But yet, things weren’t getting better….

    After some careful observation, I found out what the root cause of her problem was….

    Let’s face it, eating healthy can be hard work. If you naturally tend to crave high fat, high sugar foods, making the transition to eating fresh produce, healthy sources of protein, and good-for-you oils, nuts, and seeds, can be challenging. Not to mention, you have to prepare many of your meals in advance so you stick with it during the day. Continue reading

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    The One Simple (And DELICIOUS!) Trick To Reboot Your Thyroid And Your Metabolism


    Do you know that the vast majority of people I see come to me because they can’t seem to lose weight? They’ve been dieting for what feels like eternity, but no matter what diet they do, they can’t see results. In fact, in some cases, the more diets they try, the worse things seem to be.

    Sound familiar? If so, you aren’t alone…

    Fortunately, you can fix this problem – and fast…. Continue reading

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    Six Super Simple Steps To Control The Hormones That Pack On Pounds

    Did you know that whether or not you lose fat or gain fat very much boils down to your hormonal environment? Most people hate thinking about this. We like to think WE are in complete control over things, but the truth is, we aren’t. Our hormones are. Our hormones are what dictates what we eat, what we think, and even how we behave.

    So would it come to any surprise that hormones also influence fat loss results? Let me share with you some information that I know will completely change the way you view your weight loss plan…

    The real fact of the matter is that whether you get slim and toned or start looking softer and less defined may come down to whether you can control your hormones or whether they are left to run wild? Continue reading

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    5 Foods That Are Destroying Your Metabolism

    You’ve been there, done that. It feels like you have been on every single diet on the planet! But yet, that scale won’t budge an inch.

    Don’t give up yet! The fact is, it may not be that your diet is wrong but rather, the foods you are consuming don’t quite fit with getting you leaner.

    When it comes to seeing optimal fat loss results, your metabolism is going to dictate the results that you get. If you have a strong metabolism that’s running high all throughout the day, you’ll be torching calories quickly, seeing optimal rates of fat burning taking place. Continue reading

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    5 Fat Loss Tricks (And Treats!) For Looking Great In Your Halloween Costume

    I’m so excited…

    My favorite holiday is just a week away!

    Of course, I’m talking about Halloween… the one day all year where you get to be whoever you want to be.

    Halloween season is one of my favorite times of the entire year. And it’s especially great in Miami, where people really embrace the holiday. Continue reading

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