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My Baby Girls
My Baby Girls

I’m Ingrid Macher, a 37-year-old mother of two, from Bogota, Colombia. My two baby girls are my pride and joy, they’re 4 and 16 (I guess she’s no longer a baby. Oh well, she still is to me!)

People always assume I have blonde hair and blue eyes because of my last name; you’ll learn as soon as you meet me, however, that I have tan skin and long dark hair swept away from my brown eyes. You’ll also learn that I have a Spanish accent, it’s the very essence of my character. With that accent comes my positivity, creativeness, drive, passion, persistence, and at times, the ability to be a bit too honest.

My Skinny Days

I moved to Florida in my early twenties, it was love at first sight. I was crazy about living so close to the ocean. I’ve only seen the beach once as a little girl, ever since then, I always dreamed that I’d live near it one day. In Colombia, we were surrounded by mountains and cold weather, Florida was quite a change. The culture Miami has is unlike any other place in the world. There are so many different types of people, but somehow we can all related to one another.

Living in beautiful South Florida has kept me on my toes when it came to my body. There was so much pressure around me to be fit. Women were constantly in bikini’s and I felt as though I needed to fit that persona as well. Lucky enough for me, I had a very fast metabolism in my early years and didn’t have to really work for the body I wanted, and ultimately had; I thought that this luck of mine would last forever.

Ingrid Macher before
Here I am 50 lbs Overweight!

Fast Forward a few years when I met my better half. We moved to Las Vegas and started a family, that’s when I gained 50lbs of happiness (well, that’s what I call it!). I guess my luck ran out. I didn’t have the pressure to be fit, nor did I have a job to keep me motivated, all I had to worry about was being a great mom and wife.

My Wake-up Call

Soon, we decided to move back to Florida. As my husband and I began to reunite with old friends, their facial expressions said it all, their looks screamed, “Wow, she packed on the pounds!”. That was my rude awakening and I decided then and there that I wanted, and needed, to change my life and get healthy.

The stigma of South Florida was back and I welcomed it! I needed the motivation. I took out old pictures from when I was thin and looked at them daily to stay on track. I also bought a really expensive pair of skinny jeans to hang in my closet, wanting them to stare at me as proof that it can be done. Besides, I didn’t want to waste all that money on jeans that didn’t fit, right?

Ingrid Macher after
The NEW Me!

After three months of dedication and discipline, I fit into those skinny jeans. I felt confident walking down the beach in my bikini and, above all, I knew my family was proud of me.

My Motivation

I began encouraging my friends to take control of their lives as well. I felt it was my duty as a friend to motivate them and push them towards success. They saw results in no time and the word spread. Before I knew it, I was helping perfect strangers with their weight loss and nutrition goals and struggles.

I thrive off this work; I feel this was my calling. I couldn’t imagine a better life than what I’m doing now which is helping people find their happiness. Helping them get healthy and stay healthy. I started this business to change lives and I’m very proud of what my husband and I have accomplished. I’m working on my first book which I hope will be available next year and I will continue to do what I’m doing now- helping people live a better and healthier life, they deserve it.

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