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From: Jason
Subject: We call it the magic pill!

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I rarely ever see anything work so well for my wife and I. We both started Slim Exteme Gold mid December and the results so far are mind blowing. Even through pigging out during the holidays, I still was able to reduce my weight. I started at 247 lbs and just hit my goal weight at 220 lbs within 1 1/2 months. Mind you, this is without excercise but a better diet as well. I am going for 210 lbs for for next hurdle and I know that I can do it with Slim Extreme!

Dear Jason,

Thank you so much for sharing your successful story with us.
We are very excited that you are doing so well with Slim Xtreme Gold. We are sure you will continue to do great on your journey to lose weight.

Keep it up, and remember adding a good diet & exercising will be the key to your success.
Please keep us posted, love to hear from you again.

Ingrid Macher

Congrats Luisa, you’re looking great!!

Last summer I reached that point in my life where my body began to change and I put on some weight. Everything I ate, turned into an extra pound on the scale (I gained 9 LBS in 6 weeks alone).

I tried many different methods to lose weight – I tried everything from cutting out carbs to tiring exercise regimes, but to no avail. Desperate to lose the weight and curb my appetite, I saw my doctor who placed me on Rx diet pills –Phenteramine. The side effects were so bad & intolerable, that I had to stop consuming them by the end of my first week.

Thank God I met Ingrid and Slim Xtreme!

One thing about these pills is that you see results within your first few days. I began taking S/X and lost 5 pounds my first week alone. The second week I lost between 2-3 pounds but noticed that my belly continued to shrink before my eyes. By my third week, I stayed at the same weight but continued to see results in the mirror.

My Fiancé quickly noticed the results, and he too started taking Slim Xtreme. It’s been 2.5 weeks since he started, and he now weighs 201 Lbs (compared to 212 Lbs on 9/4/10).

Not only does my clothes fit better, but my energy level has soared along with my confidence and sex appeal. I am very happy that I found something that works; helps me eat less, drink more water, get through a busy day, and more importantly it taught me about portion control. My cravings for carbs, sweets, & fried foods have become non-existant and the extra energy I get helped me cut back on my caffeine in- take.

I have to say that S/X definitely was a major contributor to my weight loss, and have recommend it to all of my friends and co-workers.

Congratulations again to Kristin, who has now reached her fitness goal, awesome!

Good news. After 3 months after starting Slim Xtreme, I reached my goal of 20 lbs off and have actually maintained it now for almost 2 months. I was scared to come off of the pill as I was afraid I would go back to my bad habits and gain back what I had worked to get off. The truth is that little did I know, but because I did lose it slow and steady with eatting right and exercise that I had already formed new habits that have been very easy to maintain. I weigh in now once a week at the same time and day and record it on my calendar. If I have gained 2 lbs I go back on the pill for about 2 days and get it back down to my goal weight. Slim Xtreme helped me to have the will power to do what I wanted to do all along. It controlled my appetite to where I could retrain my body to enjoy healthy food and eat the right amounts. I simply wasn’t hungry so it was hard to overeat anything. Food just became not that important to me and my cravings for sweets diminished greatly.
I have gotten many of my family and friends on it and each of them has a success story like mine (10 to 20lbs). I didn’t have to approach them – they approached me. I only had one friend who didn’t accomplish anything, but she wouldn’t change anything in her lifestyle. The pill enables you to make the changes, but if you won’t change what you are doing and eating; then nothing is going to help till you are willing to make a commitment and stick to it. – Kristin L

Stephanie, you are looking fantastic!

After trying to lose weight on my own and having little results with hard work I decided it was time to try Slim Extreme diet pills. Since I am very conscious about not taking anything that is not natural I made sure to do my research for these pills. When I knew they would be safe to take because they are an all natural pill I decided to give them a shot. After all, I had nothing to lose by trying them except my excess weight. When I started the pills I worked out 4-5 times a week and had slow results. However, once I started the pills I was able to see results immediately by keeping up the same regiment. Not only did I lose 5 lbs in the first week, but my energy level soared (without feeling over caffeinated.)

Now that I have reached my optimum weight and goals in 3 months I know that my success was greatly helped by Slim Extreme. The pills were able to curb my appetite, cravings and mindless snacking at night. It was a huge help for me to find a pill that allowed me to be motivated to work out, lose weight and stop my mind from constantly thinking about food. After losing 6% body fat and 15 pounds I am at the perfect weight for my body type. It is obvious to me that without the Slim Extreme pills I would not have been able to lose my weight and reach my goal as quickly as I did. It was the best thing I could have tried during my struggle to lose weight.

Thanks Andrea, for your great story!

Slim Xtreme is AMAZING! Over the past 10 years of my life I have tried everything from diet pills, diet fads, lipo, trainers, you name it I have tried it but NOTHING has worked as well as Slim Xtreme for me. The first day I ever took it was on my sisters birthday. My mother made her infamous flan and cake and I had NONE; not one piece! NOT because I couldn’t have it but because I simply did not crave it at all, thanks to Slim Xtreme. It suppresses my hunger allllll day, gives me tons of energy without making me feel queezy or sick and best of all IT WORKS! I have been taking the pills for a month and a half now and have lost 20 pounds without any exercise or intense dieting (which I am sure if I did I would have much better results). I recommend it to everyone that struggles with their weight and over eating. Just take one in the morning with breakfast and that’s it! I literally have to remind myself to eat now! I plan to keep taking them for another month or two and will start a workout routine next week to help push the extra 10 I want to lose Thanks Ingrid!

Thank you Julieta T., your story is amazing!

Slim Xtreme has done nothing but great to me!! In March 2010 I gave up on being lazy and wanted to do something different with myself; something that was going to make me happy! And if anything makes me happy is being in shape and being SKINNEY! I’ve come to realize that being skinny isn’t the only thing that makes me happy! SEEING THE NUMBERS ON MY SCALE GO DOWN! I started the “Quick Trim 14 day diet” and I wouldn’t say I was unsatisfied but I lost 5 pounds in those 14 days… I guess that’s good? But a friend of mine was taking “Slim Xtreme” and she told me when I finished “Quick Trim” do “Slim Xtreme” I was going to be more satisfied; and so I did… SATISFIED DOSENT EXPLAIN THE 30 POUNDS I LOST IN A MONTH!! After my one month supply (April) I ran into Ingrid and Ingrid became an angel to me when I found out she sold this product. I’ve been on Slim Xtreme for a month and a half now and I’ve lost… 55pounds! And you can sureeely see a difference. In your clothes, scale and most definitely your body. I recommend Slim Xtreme to everyone!!!

Thank you Jojo U. Your dedication & commitment inspires all the women around you!

I have practically tried everything and anything from Xenadrine to Lipo6 and even D-4 Extreme Thermal Shock. Unfortunately, the only results I was able to achieve from these “weight loss” supplements was a big drop in my bank account. I lost 30 pounds 5 years ago on a very strict diet and exercise routine, which was great but I still had about another 25 to lose and deeply struggled to get rid of those stubborn pounds. I work out four to five times a week and I am constantly changing my workout routines, but somehow my body seems to adapt too quickly, preventing me from losing any sufficient amount of weight.

One lucky day about three months ago, Ingrid began to tell me about some wonderful pills that she had been on and that had given her and her friends amazing results. Knowing how my body was reluctant to let go of my last 25 pounds, I wasn’t sure if I should spend more money on pills that would most likely not work for me. Fortunately, I went with my gut feeling and gave them a shot. To my suprise, I lost four pounds in the first six days of taking the pills. However, I was still skeptical. I was sure that it was just water weight and that by next week I would have those four pounds back on. Once again, I was proved wrong! To make a long story short, I have lost 18 pounds and 2.4 percent body fat so far and feel incredible. These pills give me energy, suppress my appetite and intensify my workouts! I have recommended these products to my friends, and I even had my boyfriend try them out. He lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks and dropped 5 percent body fat. There are no weird jitters nor do they upset your stomach. I also have sustained energy throughout the day and I have begun to notice how my muscles are becoming leaner and more defined. I am very thankful first and foremost to Ingrid for introducing me to this wonderful product and to Diet66 for producing a safe, natural, and effective product! Please give it a shot; It’s worth every penny!!!!!!!

Thanks Kristin L. for this great story!
Congratulations on the weight loss, you look fabulous!

On New Years Eve when most people are celebrating I sat at my dining room table very upset about how much weight I had put on since two years of being married. I was at my right weight before getting married and the “good life” had added me 20 lbs. I joined a gym the next day as part of my commitment to change and lose the weight. One major problem, my appetite only increased as I increased my work outs. I was working out 1 to 2 hours 5 days a week, but eatting about as many calories as I was burning. It was even more depressing because I wasn’t seeing results – I actually gained another 5 lbs..

Ingrid Macher approached me one day at the gym along with her group of friends all excited about how they had lost anywhere from 15 to 40 lbs. and there wasn’t a one of them that I would have believed had ever had a weight problem. I have spent about $1000.00 over the past few years on different diet pills and shakes and nothing helped me at all. I looked at them and said they can’t all be lying so I bought it very sceptically.

I lost the first 10 lbs in the first month so easily. I did my same exercise routine, but now I was starting to see the results of all my hard work – Yea!. I am on my 2nd month and have lost another 3 lbs. I have 10 more to go and know that I will achieve my goal this time. It totally took away my apetite and desire for sweets. I have to remind myself to eat and I am now working out 2 hours a day 5 days a week. I have great energy and put so much more into my workouts. It also is so easy to take only one pill first thing in the morning and nothing else.
– Kristin L.

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